What is the advantage of tubeless mountain bike tires?

While the debate on whether to run tube or tubeless tires has been going on for years, it’s good to educate yourself about the advantages of tubeless tires before making the decision.

Here, we will provide you a balanced view of the pros and cons of tubeless mountain bike tires to make it easier for you to choose. We will show you when it is best to use the tubeless tires.

Now, let’s get rolling.

Tubeless Tire Basics

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Unlike the traditional tube tires, tubeless tires don’t have an inner tube on the inside of the wheel.

Because of this design, the system does require a special kind of rim with a lip so the bead of the tire can sit in perfectly.

Many people choose to put some tubeless sealant or seam sealant to avoid air loss or protect the mountain bikes against punctures on trails.

Advantages of Tubeless Mountain Tires

Although the advantages of this system may still be controversial depending different riders’ styles and preference, here are what you should know for yourself.

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