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What Are The Best Child Bike Trailers?

What Are The Best Child Bike Trailers

Want a seat for your kids or maybe just some more room for your packages when riding? And, you prefer something else to a simple child bike. Then, a bike trailer should be a good choice in this case.

Child bike trailers can come in handy with two kids’ storing capacity at once and extra space for stuff at the back. Trailers come in different sizes and shapes, but the majority can be mounted near your rear wheel by a firm shaft bracket attached to your bike skewer. This setup makes the trailer can tail behind your bike, similar to a truck trailer.

Most bikes can bring a trailer with, though the extra weight from the tailing part might make you consider purchasing in the broader sprocket for your legs’ health and convenience.

However, the better the trailer is, the smoother you can pull. Those high-end products offer countless features like a mini-hotel for your kids. Like how you buy a car, only upper-class trailers will provide top outstanding features. Therefore, although it might cost you quite a lot, you will earn what you pay for. Instead of getting a cheap jitney trailer, which will be thrown away after a couple of months, purchase a top-class one that can accompany your years.

Top Child Bike Trailers

Thule Cross

Thule Cross

A perfect option for families with young babies or toddlers. The item will come along with a conversion kit for stroller, jogger, and ski mode.

The Cross will be your best quality trailer that you could wish for a long time usage. With a flexible suspension, a recliner, soft fabric, sunshade, and reasonable inner space, Thule Cross simply is considered a must-buy item for any family.

The product is designed with space for storing both stroller and jogger options, for situational uses when you are out, without taking up the inner space for your babies. Besides, the Cross is the only brand offering a rear-wheel hand-brake in its products in jogging session.

Burley D’Lite (X)

Burley D’Lite (X)

The best product for All-Terrain Families, wanting to jog, stroll and ride off the different paths. Burley D’Lite (X) also comes along with conversion kits, including a stroller, jogger, and ski. As for the stroller kit, a 3-wheel set is included, but there’s also a 4-wheel version available for you.

The inner space is enough for two kids at once, integrated with waterproof fabric, recliners, adjustable and changeable suspension. Moreover, designed with quick receivers facilitate your transforming process to the stroller, you can rest assured when riding with your baby in any situation.

With a taller mounted trailer body and wider tires with a higher rigidity than the Cross, D’Lite is an excellent solution for those loving to venture off the pavement and huge path with their children.

Hamax Outback

Hamax Outback

A suitable item for families with big kids for its roomy trait. The product comes along with a conversion kit, including strolling and jogging options.

Elegant, modern, and extremely compact, Hamax Outback is like an awesome SUV among kids trailers. By the spacious interior out of its trailer family, easy to adjust suspension, luxurious look design, and wide tire to absorb bumpy force, Hamax offers its rider a sense of comfort throughout the journey.

Maybe you can find this item is not as smooth as Burley and Thule in terms of a trailer, it has no rival when using it as a stroller. The ventilation system of The Outback could be counted as one of the most excellent one. And, the most favorite details that I like to carry out: the see-through window that is placed on the top would never disappoint your kids.

Burley Encore (X)

A product suits those dynamic families wanting to fully exploit the joy of going outside to jog, stroll, and ride the bike without extra payment for extra bells or whistles. The product comes with a conversion kit, including a stroller for 3 wheels, jogger, and ski.

A reliable cinch for parents to enjoy with their kids a long ride, comfortable seat and experience. Thanks to high-quality benches and harnesses, parents can get their kids in and out of the trailer with ease.

There are also UV windows and sunshades to prevent the burning sun from damaging the kids’ sensitive skin and a cup holder for the little ones to sip some milk during their ride.

Thule Cheetah XT

Thule Cheetah XT

Thule Cheetah is a great purchase for families looking for a memorable trip at a more reasonable price.

You can find a conversion kit, including a stroller, jogger, and ski when buying the trailer like most of the other models. For those who have only one kid, that means you don’t want a big double trailer, this is what is made for you! Thule Cheetah XT is the most reasonable single trailer for you out there, having all kinds of necessary features to support your kid. Besides, this is the tallest model in Thule and Burley lines, so this is what you go for when your kids grow way too fast.

Burley Bee

Burley Bee

Burley bee is made for budget-conscious family longing for a lovely bike trip.

The Burley Bee can easily give other products out there in the long run in quality. Although it is $150 – $200 cheaper than the mentioned products, its customer-friendliness, protecting features are nothing to laugh at. Immensely with family only having a ride once for a while, Burley Bee can help them enjoy those trips to the fullest with its high-end design and features.

Burley Honey Bee

Burley Honey Bee

Burley Honey Bee is an excellent option for people who only sometime or even rarely use their trailers. Its conversion kit only includes a stroller feature.

The Honey Bee contains everything we love when coming down to Bee, yet with some handy features. Even though the stroller wheel is basically designed and undetachable, it still can be easily twisted out of the way when not in need. Moreover, the manufacturer also integrates an adjustable-height handlebar and tons of space for carrying your luggage. This is what you are looking for when being tight on money but still want a lovely day outdoors with your babies.


Here are some of my recommendations on both high-end trailers and low-end ones. Whichever brand you choose, keep in mind how you want to use it, how often you use it, and mind your budget, of course. Not everyone can earn a lucrative income, so try to find yourself the most suitable product.